Our Mission

A community based SOCIAL MARKETPLACE of freelancers , service providers and businesses around the USA at one place.

We're not just building a marketplace; we're weaving a network of local vendors, connecting our community to homegrown talents right at their doorstep. Imagine you're a wedding photographer or a DJ, a freelancer with skills that should be shared and celebrated. With Chobhar Inc., you don't just join a platform, you become part of a story. We provide you with your own dedicated website page, a digital showcase for your skills, complete with your details and portfolio.

We manage the appointments, payments, schedules, and clients, so you can focus on what you do best. This is more than a marketplace; it's our collective tapestry of talents and services, drawing our Nepali community even closer together.

Our Vision

Pioneering Country-Based Social Marketplace for South Asian Communities in the U.S.

Chobhar Inc. is the bridge connecting traditional small businesses and freelancers to the bustling digital marketplace. We provide the tech stack, so you don't have to grapple with it. Imagine a bustling marketplace, a 'South Asian Alibaba', teeming with local vendors offering a myriad of products and services, all a click away.

In an era where technology is reshaping commerce, Chobhar Inc., a Nepali-led startup, is carving a unique space. Cofounded by dedicated team of Nepalese Americans, Chobhar Inc. is crafting a country-based social marketplace specifically designed for South Asian communities in the U.S., commencing with the Nepali diaspora.

The innovative platform is much more than a marketplace; it's a digital community that brings together local vendors, freelancers, and small businesses within a familiar cultural setting. Chobhar Inc.'s e-commerce store allows users to sell and buy products or services, facilitated by a seamless blend of technology and personalized experience.

Wedding photographers, DJs, or any local talents can benefit from this platform. Chobhar Inc. offers comprehensive support, handling appointments, payments, schedules, and clients, allowing vendors to concentrate on their artistry.

A groundbreaking feature of this platform is the introduction of a generative AI chatbot. This chatbot not only enhances user interaction but also serves as an intelligent guide for product and service exploration.

Chobhar Inc. stands as a beacon of innovation by offering dedicated webpages for individual vendors, a testament to the company's commitment to fostering a sense of identity and community among local vendors.

Currently bootstrapped, Chobhar Inc. has raised sufficient funds for the MVP stage, with plans for future fundraisings aligned with their vision. The aspirations of this ambitious startup extend beyond business goals; it aims to create a collaborative ecosystem that stimulates local economies and cultivates entrepreneurial spirit among South Asian communities.

Manish Singh, the Co-Founder, sums up their mission eloquently: "Someone, somewhere, somehow has to start something to help us grow together! We are trying to become that ladder so all of us can climb up and rise together."

Chobhar Inc. is not just a startup; it's a revolution that aims to bind the South Asian community in the U.S., enhancing the entrepreneurial landscape while nurturing cultural ties. It represents a dream nurtured by Nepali innovation and determination, a proud example of what the community can achieve. platform is now live, connecting Nepali businesses, freelancers, and consumers across the United States. Join this groundbreaking initiative at Chobhar Inc..